Getting a start in 3D printing can be a pretty costly and intimidating endeavor, with most printers in the affordable range coming in at around $1,000. But for $299, the makers of the iBox Nano aim to provide an alternative that is not only cheaper, but also easier for novice makers to operate—so long as your 3D printing ambitions fall somewhat on the micro side of design.

The iBox Nano is a 3D resin printer that boasts a lot of “world’s… ,” including world’s cheapest, lightest, smallest and quietest 3D printer and it’s also the only 3D printer in the world that has the option of being battery operated. While most consumer-grade 3D printers use plastic filament, the iBox Nano makes its creations from a pool of resin, which is hardened layer by layer with UV LEDs. This not only reduces the power needs of the printer, but prevents that icky melting plastic smell from permeating one’s home.

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With open-source, browser-based printing, you can churn out miniature creations from any platform, including from a smart phone. The end results appear to max out at a couple of inches in width, but do print at a resolution on par with standard printers—328 microns on the X-Y axis and 0.39 on the Z axis.

The iBox Nano is currently raising funds through a $300,000 Kickstarter campaign, and you can pre-order the printer for $299.

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