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The Bride Basra, The Bride Iraq, The Bride skyscraper, The Bride AMBS

At 3,780 feet, the Bride towers over existing skyscrapers, including the current tallest building in the world, the 2,723-foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Bride is composed of four conjoined towers of varying heights. The central tower would be covered by a glazed canopy, or “veil,” which provides shade to lower levels and public areas below. This protection is much appreciated in Basra, where summer daytime temperatures can regularly reach 122 °F. Aided by the abundant solar energy, the Bride will produce all of the energy that it consumes.

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The Bride Basra, The Bride Iraq, The Bride skyscraper, The Bride AMBS

AMBS describes the Bride as “the first vertical city in the world.” The Bride will fill its 5,088,280 square feet of floor space with offices, hotels, residential units, commercial space, parks and gardens. “It will be enjoyed by thousands of people in endless ways, within it, on it or under it,” says AMBS. “From walking in the vast shaded parks and promenades at ground level, to having lunch or shopping in a sky-square hundreds of metres above sea level.” AMBS  maintains offices in London and Baghdad and also designed the first public library built in Iraq since the 1970s.

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