It is rare to find materials that rapidly restore themselves and provide extensive aesthetic range in their simplest, purest state. The Woven Company picked up on this idea nearly 25 years ago, when they first began using reeds, bamboos, grasses, woods, and palms to create window treatments with such a variety of patterns and textures that choosing one for a space is like choosing a work of art.

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With names like Feiron, Jakara, and Hudson, the Woven Company’s shades are not style-specific, but rather, simple and tasteful in a variety of contexts.

Bamboo is everywhere these days (grown primarily in South East Asia), so it’s makes sense that there would be enough excess bi-product from the production of bamboo flooring, veneer, and furniture to make use of. That’s just what the Nguyen Family is able to do in their efficient production facilities in South East Asia. Every last thread from the fast-growing plants are be spun into twine to create a variety of patterns. We love the company’s use of not only green, natural materials, but a well-rounded approach to the production and manufacturing of high-quality, sustainable home products.

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