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When designing a new residential tower for a swanky neighborhood in Lima, LYCS Architecture focused on ensuring that its inhabitants would have views of both a nearby public park and the Pacific Ocean. This was easily achieved by twisting each unit without compromising on privacy or comfort. This arrangement ensures maximum solar exposure, however, which is mitigated by a triangular mesh screen that provides some protection.

Despite the tower’s bespoke design and equally amazing views, no amount of luxury can cure the desire for green space in the city. So LYCS has provided room for a small terrace garden and planted trees, which isn’t quite the same as having a front yard, but it does improve the aesthetics of each condo and even helps contribute to a slightly cooler microclimate.

With 9 million residents and counting, Lima is quickly running out of space and requires smart urban planning. This unique project by LYCS may not provide the answers for everyone, but it certainly offers an alternative for those who have some beans to throw around.

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