When an emergency strikes and the lights go out, it’s essential to have access to a reliable off-grid source of news. At CES 2013 Eton just unveiled their new ZoneGuard weather radios, which are equipped with features to alert you when a disaster occurs. The radio is connected to early-warning systems, so its LED beacons will flash and warnings will scroll across its screen to keep you in the loop. Specific area message encoding (SAME) from NOAA lets you set up to 25 locations. Powered by an AC adapter or AA battery, the set-up is ready for on or off-grid operation.

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Partnering with the American Red Cross, Eton has rolled out the latest in their line of disaster-preparedness equipment. The ZoneGuard radio is a AM/FM digitally tuned radio that shares a portion of its profits to the relief organization with every purchase. Each ZoneGuard Q1 costs around $40, with the Plus model at $80 and each additional warning module at $30. Able to be programmed to your specific location and store up to 25 in total, the ZoneGuard is a great tool to help you and your family stay alert and on top of a natural disaster. Standing at 7 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches, the radios are small enough to fit into almost any corner.

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