Sports will always be a primary pastime for folks all over the world, especially in densely populated cities. But as the demand for spectator events grows, the space to accommodate them does not. UK-based design studio AL_A has come up with an innovative solution to the problem: instead of thinking outward, they thought upward. Their modular Pitch/Pitch system of stackable football fields can be moved from one spot to the other, increasing opportunities for players in the most cramped of cities.

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AL_A hopes to, quite literally, change the landscape of London’s football scene. The lightweight, carbon fiber Pitch/Pitch structure can be quickly assembled for a few days worth of 5-a-side practice and then stationed somewhere else for a few weeks of entertainment. The modular system is designed to take advantage of forgotten or derelict spaces around the city, transforming them into a must-see event.

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The design team worked with ARUP Laboratories to create the structure, which has the potential to double as a community space for other events during the day. They hope to further partnerships across London so Pitch/Pitch can become a semi-permanent fixture around the city.


Via World Architecture News

Images via AL_A