Single-use plastic is one of the most pressing environmental problems the world is facing, yet plastic continues to be sold to millions of consumers every single year. It ends up in landfills, on beaches and in oceans, creating a huge plastic pollution problem. BioCyclr, created by Circular Economy Manufacturing and led by Barent Roth, is designed to change all that.

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To combat plastic pollution, all of that single-use plastic is taken before it reaches the landfills and the oceans and turned into something new instead. How does it happen? Through off-grid, solar-powered microfactories inside portable shipping containers. These microfactories produce no waste, no pollutants and no toxins.

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The BioCyclr is the first product to be made from single-use plastic that was processed in one of these microfactories. They created a freezer food scrap collection bin. It was made entirely with solar power and recycled plastic.

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The microfactory only processes recycled plastic. It produces absolutely no waste and no emissions. It’s also portable, small and can be placed anywhere for on-site production. And, to top it all off, the microfactory is made with transparent walls so that anyone can view what’s happening inside.

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It’s a pretty simple process and it’s totally circular. The solar panels at the top collect energy, feeding it into the batteries on one outside wall. The energy is stored there and fed into the facility, where the shredder turns used plastic products into plastic flakes. From here, they go into the washer, which rinses the flakes. A rotational molding machine spins the clean flakes, coating a product mold with liquid plastic.

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Circular Economy Manufacturing also wants to create green jobs by placing microfactories around the country.

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It’s a bold concept and the BioCyclr proves that it’s a concept that can work. Circular Encomny Manufacturing is helping to solve the plastic problem while creating no new environmental problems.

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