Created specifically for the farmers working at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, this automated, solar-powered chicken coop, by Designers on Holiday, combines two important agricultural tasks: giving a chicken brood access to fresh grass and letting the animals fertilize new crops.

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small metallic chicken coop with gabled roof and wheels

The Chicken Caravan is a lightweight structure with wheels so that it can easily be transported by hand or tractor. Clad in a shimmering aluminum to reflect heat, the modern chicken coop was built with two large “wings” on either side to shade the interior, protect the hens from direct sunlight and provide natural air circulation.

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metallic chicken coop on wheels

interior space of chicken coop on wheels

The Chicken Caravan is also automated. Solar sensors on the doors automatically trigger the doors to open at the first light day and close after sunset. A singular solar panel keeps the batteries charged for easy maintenance of the system.

small metallic chicken coop with gabled roof on a farm

chicken coop with metallic exterior

The interior of the tiny structure is designed to keep the chickens as comfortable as possible. It can also be outfitted with various nest boxes and perches. A narrow ramp folds out for the chickens to come in or out, and there is also a portable fence to keep the hens inside and predators at bay.

small ramp leading to a gabled chicken coop

small ramp leading to a chicken coop on wheels

While some people might not see the need for such an innovative take on a basic, functional design, the Chicken Caravan’s mobility is a true game-changer for farmers. The mobile structure enables them to easily move their chickens to different areas so they can graze evenly over the pastures while preventing overgrazing. As the chickens harvest one section, they can also be used to fertilize other areas during the planting season.

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