The tiny home movement is meeting the needs of all kinds of demographics – including veterans, retirees and homeless populations. Now, one savvy collaboration has launched a line of tiny homes specifically for millennials. Custom tiny home company Timbercraft is teaming up with travel company Everywhere Travel Co to provide smart living options for millennials looking for a quality home without outrageously high mortgage rates – or for young nomads looking to travel before putting down roots.

With a long history of creating tiny homes for renting or buying, Timbercraft has the expertise to help Everywhere Co offer five beautiful tiny home models in six different styles, each more stunning than the last. With many of the same features you’d find in a contemporary home, Timbercraft has managed to minimize space, without sacrificing on aesthetic or quality. Most of the tiny homes are on wheels, placed on 16′ to 32′ long trailers in order to be mobile, but can be delivered to specific locations for permanent installations as well.

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The homes also come with impressive sustainable features such as solar-power connections. Especially attractive for the millennial sector is the fact that all of the homes can be custom-built to meet individual needs.

Buyers can choose from six styles, each with its own look and feel. As far as living space, the designs incorporate many unique features rarely seen in tiny homes such as fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, large skylights etc. Most come furnished with space-saving, yet comfortable furnishings like comfy couches and large beds that fit into the sleeping lofts.

With Everywhere Travel Co and Timbercraft, millennials interested in living in a tiny home can them test out in different settings. As part of the collaboration, the company will work with interested clients in order to organize temporary stays or vacations in tiny home rentals. The team also has plans to collaborate with Airbnb for those who want to rent for longer periods of time in beautiful settings around the country. Eventually, you will be able to choose between purchasing your tiny home or investing in a rent-to-own plan that includes moving the home and a plot of land to put it on.

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