We’ve covered quite a few teardrop trailers over the years, but Evolve‘s new solar-powered trailers are really out of this world. The British Columbia-based company has just unveiled its latest models, the Evolve Traverse and the Evolve Outing. Both campers run on solar power and are clad in an all-aluminum frame to create an ultra durable envelope. Inside, the campers offer enough space for a queen-sized mattress and have a fully equipped kitchen with a propane stove and a cooler in the back. What more could you ask for?

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white teardrop camper with back door lifted open

The innovative design for the teardrop trailer came to fruition thanks to a friend of Evolve’s owner, Mike. The man asked Mike for a simple tiny camper, but after designing campers for years, he was suddenly inspired to create something a bit more advanced. The result is a solar-powered camper that is fully insulated and waterproof.

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white teardrop camper with back door lifted open to reveal a kitchen

two people lying down inside teardrop trailer

Years later, Mike, along with his daughter, Felicia, continues to build amazing tear drop trailers geared toward the nomadic spirit. The Evolve Traverse and the Evolve Outing models are very similar. Both run on solar power generated by a 100-watt rooftop solar array. Clad in aluminum and fully insulated, the campers are quite durable and can stand up well to extreme weather conditions. Each trailer can be customized, and clients can choose from a long list of extra features including custom colors, a bespoke kitchen layout, additional interior cabinets, hooks and more.

interior space with bed and shelving unit with TV

bed facing a window inside a teardrop trailer

Two large glass doors on each side of the trailer open up to the interior sleeping space, which has enough room for a queen-sized mattress that folds up into a sofa when not in use. There is also sufficient storage space for clothes and personal items, along with room for an optional HDTV for entertainment.

man and woman preparing a meal in an outdoor kitchen

kitchen installed in teardrop trailer

Adventurers know that good meals are essential while on the road, and Evolve has spared no expense at building a beautiful kitchen into the trailer’s back end. The back door lifts open to reveal a fully equipped kitchen with a propane stove and cooler. The Traverse comes with a unique pull-out kitchen that provides extra counter space.

white teardrop camper

blue and white teardrop campers

Although it’s hard to image a better teardrop trailer, the company is currently working on The Explorer, an off-roading model with bigger tires for going off the beaten path.

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