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Aires Mateus originally recovered the two fisherman huts from an established wharf and rebuilt them offsite before transporting them to their quieter, current location. The architect then stripped the huts of their original shape, swapping the corrugated metal roofs with pitched wooden roofs and changing the orientation of the timber paneling from horizontal to vertical cladding. The pair of cabins now sits on a small wooden deck that extends outwards to a riverside jetty.

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The Cabanas no Rio is divided into two main spaces: the sleeping quarters and the living room. The first cabin houses a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower that can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the placement of the sliding door. The second cabin contains the living room with a small kitchen that can be used to prepare simple meals. Rates for the cabins start at 200€ a night and includes free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and complimentary use of a kayak.

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Images via Nelson Garrido