Lots of people want to have more sustainable homes, not just to help the environment. Because at the end of the day, it’s a lot more affordable to get your energy from the sun and the wind than to pay some oil or coal plant to provide it. But for many people, being sustainable means having a home built. Hiring an architect and a contractor and going to all that trouble gets pretty expensive. Thanks to Clayton, sustainable living is about to get much more accessible.

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The front door of a home

Clayton is building manufactured homes that meet Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home specifications. These homes are solar-ready and they have a lot of energy-efficient features. All the features and the solar capability will make energy costs highly affordable.

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A living room space with a ceiling fan and sofa facing each other, a black table in the center of the room

Energy efficiency is crucial for lowering monthly utility costs and maintaining long-term affordability,” said Clayton CEO Kevin Clayton. “We are driven to make energy-efficient homes an attainable option for home buyers across the country.”

A kitchen wall with appliances and cabinets

These homes are built inside a DOE-certified facility and they are made to offer up to 100% of the home’s total energy usage when combined with renewable energy like solar panels. All these homes have a hybrid heat pump water heater, low-E windows, Energy Star Certified appliances, a high-efficiency heat pump or gas furnace, LED lighting and extra insulation to create a tight building envelope.

A bathroom with a glass standing shower

Additionally, Clayton is focused on sustainability in a number of ways. In 2022, Clayton diverted over 100 million pounds of waste from landfills using various recycling efforts. Clayton has also put measures in place to reduce emissions and has a long-term goal to plant more than four million native trees to restore forest ecosystems.

A living room next to the kitchen space

The homes are beautiful inside and out, with open floor plans and modern designs that make them feel spacious and comfortable inside. Features like recessed lighting, gorgeous backsplashes and open cabinets give these homes a modern look. Sunlight fills up the interior spaces. Thereby, sustainable living is something that should be accessible and easy for everyone.

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