With fuel prices continuing to soar, the appeal for electric vehicles has never been higher. Eyeing a timely entrance to a tapped out market, Norwegian car manufacturer THINK has just announcedthat the Think City Car is coming to the US! These super efficient tiny cars will be hitting the streets of North America, where Think hopes to entice consumers with a reasonable price tag and freedom from gas-guzzling gargantuans.

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The Think Car is a small compact electric vehicle that is capable of running up to 100km/hr and can go 180km on one charge. It’s cost will run about $25,000, making it the perfect vehicle for the urban dweller. At the moment, the Think City is the only vehicle from the Oslo-based manufacturer to be commercially available in the US. However plans exist to introduce a SUV crossover, called the Ox. To make the drive across the pond and come to the US, Think is partnering with an array of capital investment firms, better known for creating Silicon Valley startups.

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