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salt, shelter, arctic, norway, festival, tiny house, camping, modular building

SALT is a several year-long festival that kicked off at Sandhornøy in northern Norway in August 2014. Housed within several fish rack-inspired structures that were built as part of the Salt Siida Architectural Workshop, the festival invites the audience to “experience extraordinary art projects, concerts, theatre, readings and local food cultures.

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Through this festival, SALT hopes to celebrate and bring attention to the history and culture of the indigenous peoples who have inhabited the Arctic for many centuries. Starting in northern Norway, the festival will travel through Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Spitsbergen, Alaska and Russia in the coming years.

salt, shelter, arctic, norway, festival, tiny house, camping, modular building

This modular Nomadic Shelter provides portable housing for those working at SALT, and is constructed to provide more space, with more privacy and rigidity than a tent—though, admittedly, with few more amenities than you’d find in your regular canvas shelter. Thirteen boxes measuring two different sizes—7.9 x 4 x 2.6 ft and 10.5 x 4 x 2.6 ft—are stacked atop one another and secured with bolts and straps.

The total structure measures just over 15 feet high, and features an open central area in which a—slightly alarming—fire can warm visitors, along with ladders to scale up to the higher bunks. There is no floor to the structure, though a canvas roof can be attached to provide some additional protection from the elements. The Nomadic Shelter will remain at Sandhornøy until 6th September 2015, and will be disassembled to migrate with the festival along its Arctic path.


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Images via Piotr Paczkowski