It may not look like your typical off-roading beast, but the ingenious Swincar by French company Mecanroc may be the most incredible ATV ever created. With four independent wheels mounted on spider-like legs and a suspended hammock-like seat for the driver, this thing can tackle terrain that most vehicles could never even attempt. Seventy-percent grade? No problem. Down the center of an irrigation ditch with each wheel at a different height? Easy peasy. Better yet, the all-electric four-wheeler can do all that with none of the smog-generating pollution of traditional off-road vehicles.

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The Swincar has four independently-driven wheels, with an electric motor for each one, which means it can crawl over rocks or handle extreme terrain with ease. A suspended seat means the driver can remain upright, no matter the grade, while also allowing the driver to tilt into extreme turns like you would on a motorcycle.

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Mecanroc is working on a two-seater version and a version that is suitable for disabled drivers. Right now, the prototype has a 1 to 1.5kW motor on each wheel, but future versions could have larger wheels and more power, making it even more competitive with gas-guzzling ATVs. Not to mention the fact that it looks pretty cool, whether you are on driving rough terrain or just a smooth, paved road.

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