Architect Richard Moreta just unveiled the MINILOOP, an enclosed cycleway that could be a dream come true for bicycle commuters. Envisioned as the “ideal zero-emission transportation system,” the MINILOOP is designed to harness renewable energy and supply excess power to the local city grid. Geared to satisfy even the most fair-weather cyclists, the cycleway would be enclosed in a weather-resistant elevated pipeline and it’s designed to cater to bicycles and e-bikes.

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Extreme weather MINILOOP by Richard Moreta

City rendering MINILOOP by Richard Moreta

The MINILOOP is designed for easy, world-wide reproduction and it can be modified to suit different climates – from an open-air design for temperate climates to a more insulated design for places with extreme weather. “MINILOOP helps create less traffic and pollution simultaneously; by both taking more conventional motor vehicles off the road and giving more vertical space to grow plants to further filter the air,” the architects wrote. “It also minimizes traffic and cycling incidents, creating safer environments for families and commuters.”

Glazed covering MINILOOP by Richard Moreta

Interior covered MINILOOP by Richard Moreta

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The designers also included an optional additional circuit for small electric vehicles as part of their vision for moving cities toward a lower carbon footprint. To encourage surrounding communities to adopt greener transportation options, each MINILOOP would also be equipped with electric bicycle and vehicle charging stations, as well as electric bicycle rentals.

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From ground MINILOOP by Richard Moreta

Bicyclist in action MINILOOP by Richard Moreta

Staircase MINILOOP by Richard Moreta