Everyone has their idea for the perfect home. For this couple, it’s a comfortable crash pad with natural elements that provides them a simple yet functional space for downtime in between outdoor adventures.

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Sliding glass doors are fully opened to show the interior of the home's kitchen and living room.

Located in the Central Area neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, this 800-square-foot home is a backyard cottage with a lot to offer. Not only does it feature enviable sleek lines and built-in storage, but the entire design intermingles indoors with outdoors to match the clients’ active lifestyle. Designed by Seattle-based firm Fivedot in collaboration with contractor Hanson Construction and Equlibria Engineering, this urban oasis is L-shaped to take advantage of a central courtyard, which is accessible from both the main living area and the bedroom.

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An open set of doors look out onto the home's deck.

The home is a single-story to accommodate needs as the couple ages, but also so they can enjoy high ceilings. Exposed wood beams draw the eye to the ceiling and provide a spacious feel for the small place.
Expansive windows and a wall-to-wall retractable door flood the interior with natural light. The door opens to the courtyard, blurring the line between inside and out. Once outside, the courtyard features a sitting area, fire pit, a separate dining area and plenty of room for guests or additional seating.

Natural, medium-tone wood accents the room via cabinets and exposed wood beam ceilings over the living room and kitchen.

The garage provides additional storage for outdoor gear and a workshop space. On the exterior wall, designers included a mini climbing wall, which also serves as roof access, as a nod to the couple’s passion for the sport.

An off-white couch with dark gray pillows looks out on the deck from the home's large, open glass doors.

Entering from the alley, a landscaped courtyard welcomes guests with plants and a wooden walkway. The front door, otherwise completely hidden against the dark Yakisugi (burnt Japanese cypress) siding, entices with a colorful welcome mat and striking accent colors around the frame.

An L-shaped home with Yakisugi siding and a wood deck with lawn chairs.

For the nature-loving couple, the space features natural materials such as Oregon white oak casework and milestone walls for the shower. The project reflects the values of a simple life and provides the added benefit of low maintenance requirements.

+ Fivedot

Photography by Mark Woods