Created by architectural firm Encaixe Soluções Alternativas, the Ecocasa Atelier is located at the heart of the Brazilian Wine Route, or “Rota do Vinho” in Portuguese. About an hour outside of São Paulo’s city center, the home’s surrounding attractions include a variety of wineries, local artichoke plantations and multiple wildlife areas. The designers chose to include rammed earth and bamboo construction techniques both to reduce costs and to provide important sustainability aspects to the project.

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gray and dark red home with bamboo balcony

“For young Brazilians, the dream of home ownership seems unattainable,” the architects told Inhabitat. “Even more if it is an eco-house made with natural materials, designed based on bioclimatic principles of architecture, of low cost and modern design.” The combination of a desirable location near town and the area’s diverse natural surroundings mean the owners get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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close-up of bamboo balcony
rammed earth home mid-construction process

The rammed earth walls were made using clay from the plot itself, organically integrating with the local landscape while maintaining ecological responsibility. The design combines the rammed earth with structural concrete blocks for added strength, so there was no need for paint or other finishings once the project was completed. The result is a beautiful, deep brown color accented with dark gray both on the interior and exterior.

white bed in room with rammed earth walls
white bed in room with rammed earth walls and tall windows

The house includes an integrated design with a complete water cycle and utilizes the Design-Build methodology, meaning the design was adapted in all stages of construction. This way, the materials were ordered at different stages to reduce waste, and both materials and labor were sourced locally to reduce environmental impacts with transportation.

modern bathroom sink in room with concrete and rammed earth walls
bamboo-enclosed balcony overlooking lush rainforest

There is a central patio complete with a skylight as well as a bamboo balcony to provide plenty of views. The bamboo, chosen for its environmentally friendly features as well as its durability, was acquired through a local supplier in the neighboring city of Ibiúna. The bedroom walls, in particular, benefit from the compressed earth bricks (CEB) as they generate thermoacoustic comfort in the rooms.

+ Encaixe Soluções Alternativas

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Images by Marcos Bacon and Encaixe Soluções Alternativas