Candela by Estudio Macías Peredo is a project that consists of two regenerative residential communities based in Tulum and Valladolid in Mexico. These communities seek to inspire a lifestyle that is connected to the natural surrounding, which consequently improves the quality of life for its residents.

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A cream colored home with a backyard pool and lounging area

Besides enhancing the lives of residents, the Candela communities also honor their local context by paying homage to the Mexican culture, history and landscape. They adopt a regenerative quality for residents, as well as for those in communities nearby and the local ecosystems.

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Lounging chairs set against a wall facing a cream-colored building

The designers have taken several steps to minimize the environmental impact of the two communities. Firstly, the villas rise upwards in a pyramidal form to minimize sprawl in the jungle environment. The project also utilizes eco-friendly building materials and adheres to strict construction codes to minimize its environmental footprint. All materials are also obtained from a set distance from the two sites to limit carbon emissions released by transportation facilities. In alignment with their sustainability goals, the designers also structured the interior layout and utilized energy-efficient walls and windows to minimize energy consumption.

An interior living room space in cream tones

The communities also feature infrastructure that contributes to maintaining the project’s sustainability. The sites feature water treatment and waste management facilities. They will also include organic gardening and composting activities that involve the community. It will also allow residents to enjoy organic food grown near their homes. These initiatives will educate and inspire people to take environmental action and consequently, will allow the self-sustaining community to thrive. Overall, the project is a model for communities, as it creates a balance between luxury living and multifaceted sustainability.

A dining and living room space in cream tones with ceiling fans and large windows

Candela Tulum

This site features 12 private villas encircled by the jungle, each with private pools and rooftop terraces, just a few minutes away from the gorgeous sandy beaches of Tulum. The 2.5-acre stretch of land will consist of only 30% being used for construction. The rest will be preserved to protect and enhance biodiversity.

These villas are located around a botanical garden-style arboretum. In doing so, this immerses the residents in the lush jungle environment. The villas will also pay homage to ancient cultures through a blend of Mayan-inspired architectural design that complements modern aesthetics.

An outdoor pool and lounge area

Candela Valladolid

The Valladolid property features 14 colonial-style residences with modern living spaces. These maximize efficiency and are open and airy to bring in natural light and cool breezes. The open interiors also complement the lush outdoor spaces. The project features pools that dot the site and pay homage to the town’s cenotes, natural pools that occur in limestone formations.

A bedroom with wooden sliding closets

Besides a connection to the natural geography, this project is deeply connected to the culture and history of Valladolid. Through socio-economic partnerships with the townspeople, the residential area will showcase artisan products crafted by the local community members. It will also host exclusive excursions curated by the locals, as a tourism model that fully supports the local people.

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Photography by César Bejar