If you’ve ever wanted to live on an island, this job could help get you there. St. Michael’s Mount is home to one of the area’s most famous medieval castles – and the island is looking for a visitor services manager. “Giants, mermaids, miracles, and more have all left their imprint,” according to St. Michael’s Mount’s history web page. “All you have to do is set foot on the island, look and listen. Who knows what you’ll discover?”

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St. Michael’s Mount is an island connected to the town of Marazion in England. The island, a mere 0.09 square miles, is accessible by causeway at low tide and boat at high tide, and boasts a medieval castle and church. There are sub-tropical gardens and medieval pathways to explore. Buildings on the island date back to the 12th century, according to the National Trust.

St. Michael’s Mount’s history page divulges more of the island’s storied past: “From a pilgrim’s path uncovered in the 1950s that is now the main route to the castle, to ancient tree stumps, blackened with age, unearthed in recent storms, and Bronze age artefacts dug up by our gardeners — the Mount never ceases to surprise us. What secrets will it yield to you?”

** JOB VACANCY – VISITOR SERVICES MANAGER, ST MICHAEL'S MOUNT **Full Time, £24,000 – £29,000 – service accommodation…

Posted by St. Michael's Mount on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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Sound like the perfect place to work? The visitor services manager is a full time position that pays £24,000 to £29,000. St. Michael’s Mount said 350,000 visitors ventured to the island last year, and this role oversees their experience and a team of employees. If this sounds like your dream job, you have until April 17 to get your application in; find out more information on the St. Michael’s Mount website.

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