The Toyota Prius is by far the most popular hybrid on the market, but even though it has a stellar reputation for being fuel efficient, there’s one thing that you can’t really do with it – go camping. Well, this Prius camper van conversion from Camp-Inn is the solution for those diehard Prius fans who want to take their Prius everywhere.

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Although you’d be hard-pressed to find a Prius camper sitting in a Toyota dealership, Camp-Inn has created this crazy looking conversion that adds a fiber-reinforced plastic hump on the top and back of the Prius. The conversion gives you a spacious living area that has room for a retractable coffee table and sofa. There’s even a second floor that has enough space for a bed.

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Of course, the conversion will kill your gas mileage, since the top is not very aerodynamic, but just think of how different you’ll look pulling up to the camp grounds in this Prius Camper.

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