This is La Lomita, a quiet retreat that’s designed to look and function like a natural extension of its surrounding environment. You can find it at the end of a path at a beautiful spot surrounded by mountains and nature.

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Front view of La Lomita

La Lomita is in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. It was designed by ASPJ Arquitectura, Paisaje y Territorio, and lead architects Helene Carlo and Emiliano Garcia.

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Outdoor views of the scenery

The design itself is simple and elegant in detail. Moreover, wood material was reused to create a building with natural thermal properties. In addition, wood can withstand humidity, rain and bright sunlight. The roof arch, recovered from a different construction project, matches the path of the summer sun.

Trees filling the area around the house

Meanwhile, there is a rainwater collection system on the roof that provides for the garden and the house. The wastewater treatment system is also integrated into the landscaping and garden areas. This home is truly designed to harness the power of nature and use it to give back to the environment.

Inside La Lomita with a natural stove and wood floors

Stunning views greet the eye from all around and within the house. There are many open-air outdoor spaces where it’s possible not to just enjoy nature, but also to be a part of it. Further, the backyard area is used for urban farming and local food crops. Techniques used by ancient Mayans were used to create a natural, edible landscape.

Corkboard-like walls inside the home

In addition, everything is simple with straight lines and beautiful forms that you’ll find in nature. Wood and natural elements are everywhere, with some pops of color that brighten the space and play against all the natural light. This home is meant to exist as a part of nature, not a foe to it.

The warmth and beauty of wood is everywhere, creating an inviting space that makes it feel truly like living in nature. Once, humans and nature knew how to live in harmony with each other. Designs like this one provide hope that one day, humans can remember how to do that again.

+ ASPJ Arquitectura

Images via Nin Solis