In the same way hybrid cars increase efficiency by tapping into dual power options, Infinity X1 technology uses the concept of hybrid power to reduce single-use battery disposal in flashlights, headlamps and other lighting products. 

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Infinity X1 technology has been in development since the company got its start as a market research group in 2005. In the years since, Infinity X1 has honed in on a core technology that handles multiple power sources at once, primarily a rechargeable core and a battery-powered backup. This allows users to primarily rely on rechargeable power. 

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Additionally, the Infinity X1 flashlight lineup offers three options with 4000, 2500 or 1500 lumen. Each flashlight features an adjustable beam width and a power indicator to let you know when you’ll need a recharge or a swap over to dry batteries. The flashlights incorporate recycled materials and are designed with a focus on durability for long-term use. 

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Infinity X1 has also developed a headlamp with its hybrid technology, which can be recharged rather than contributing to copious disposable battery waste. The team also offers a 2800 lumen lantern with four light output intensities, six light color options and hybrid technology that reduces the use of D cell batteries. 

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The company continues to seek out ways to further its sustainability goals. Starting in 2020, it began developing packaging with a focus on environmental health. As a result, the eco-friendly packaging is compostable and water soluble. The company reported, “The inner and outer packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable, including the user manual, which can be dissolved in water.”

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The Infinity X1 team is in the U.S., based out of San Diego, CA. Each product offers a lifetime warranty, hassle-free returns and free shipping. The next company goal is the implementation of a recycling program for both alkaline and lithium rechargeable batteries.

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