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London’s Bartlett School of Architecture asked this year’s senior students to “develop a utopian dream” for their Unit 16 final project. Sutton responded with the Stockholm City Airport/Airport City, a conceptual proposal that raises airport runways above the Stockholm cityscape. The elevated taxi-track runways loop around existing buildings and over wide streets and waterways. Travelers can reach the fully integrated urban airport via Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), a system of transit pods that run alongside the rails that would transport passengers to the aircraft gates. The PRT stations would be equipped with convenient self-service baggage kiosks where passengers can digitally tag and drop their bags.

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“This project responds to the developments that are being made in aviation today, such as the local flight context, take-off and landing, aircraft ground movements, security, passenger processing and ground operations,” Sutton told Dezeen. “These can inform new architectural opportunities for the airport design, that provide a better relationship between the airport, the city and the traveller.” The taxi-track runways allow the airplane engines to be disengaged until take off, thus reducing emissions and noise.

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