It’s no surprise that growing your own food is the healthiest option for you and the planet. Garden fresh greens cut promptly before eating have the highest nutritional value. Plus, when you grow it yourself you can guarantee it’s free of toxic pesticides and other nasty chemicals. But it can be a lot of work to grow a garden, so a company called Mother has made it as easy as possible to grow fresh foods in your house with almost no effort. 

A potted plants against a black background with text reading "MicroPod."

The Belgian company has recently released two options for the home gardener, the MicroPod and HydroPod. It says the systems are an ‘automagic’ food production method that avoids the long transport from the field to your house, along with the travel emissions and petroleum-based packaging typically involved in the process.

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Two potted plants against a brown background.

To grow organic food in any room, just fill the micropod with water and sprinkle some seeds on top. No digging or hauling dirt. In fact, it doesn’t use dirt at all. No worrying about weather conditions either since the system provides an entire ecosystem for efficient growth. Microgreens grow quickly in the MicroPod, appearing in about a week. At that point, you can eat them or move them to a HydroPod for continued growth. 

Two potted plants on a counter.

Lettuces and herbs, such as basil, can be ready for harvest in three or four weeks. You can harvest them or allow them to continue to grow in the HydroPod. The HydroPod will also grow any starts from your favorite plants. The process for both the HydroPod and MicroPod offers a pre-measured mark for the best water efficiency. You just need to fill it up and leave it. That’s convenient, but perhaps the best part is not having to weed the garden. In addition to minimal water consumption, the system is energy-efficient, compact, and trays are made using durable and recyclable, BPA-free Foodgrade ABS. 

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