City living is changing and evolving in new and interesting ways. Cities have to evolve and change in order to undo some of the damage that has been done to the environment and start making the world a better place right now. That’s the entire point of THIS designed by Delva.

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A building overlooking an Amsterdam river

THIS is an inner-city development that creates a beautiful oasis in the midst of the city. There are spaces for living and working, incredible views and greenery everywhere. The plan includes a new office building and four new residential buildings right on the waterfront of the IJ river. Meanwhile, the center of Amsterdam is just minutes away.

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An Amsterdam city landscape with a river cut in between

Additionally, the roof terrace is where the views are truly spectacular. The living area and the office area both have their own garden, which are connected by the Hidden Garden. Several different paths take you past ornamental grasses, trees, perennials and native plants of all kinds. Ferns and grass tickle you as you go past. That’s why this design is said to be an “urban oasis,” a beautiful space full of green that’s surrounded by glittering buildings and bustling crowds. The garden uses natural light and design to create a shady, cool area while the wide-open park is a place to enjoy the sunlight.

A person sitting in a forested area

Water is all part of the landscape of Amsterdam. That’s why the design uses the views of the surrounding city as one of the features of the space. You can see the city and the water all around. Boats, ferries and water traffic gliding by all add to the experience.

A building with a green space in front of it

The design fits in beautifully with the rest of the Amsterdam’s city landscape. The green pockets surrounds everything, truly creating a design that incorporates human life and plant life into one space where the two can coexist.

A view from above to down below of a green space with carved stone pathways within

RED Company, DW Property, Powerhouse Company, DGMR, SmitsRinsma, DELVA, Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Van Losser Groep Van Kessel, VolkerWessels and Wessels Rijssen collaborated on THIS.

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Images via Delva