Designed by Scott Brownrigg, this new sports tourism destination at Turtle Bay is located in southern Morocco. The plan includes agri-business spaces, community facilities and sustainable design. Above all, this is a spot for active people who love nature, athletics and adventure. All of these things are a way to enjoy the natural world. Doesn’t it make sense that sustainable design is the best way to enjoy them?

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A glass structure beside a body of water

The design celebrates the location itself, using natural features of the landscape. Traditional Moroccan building techniques and design were melded with modern sustainability to create this tropical location.

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A wooden pier pathway leading to a building in the midst of an ocean

One standout feature of this design is the seawater greenhouses. By pulling water vapors from the air, these greenhouses create ideal conditions for produce. The innovative greenhouses make it possible to grow fresh food even in the naturally arid climate. Natural water vapor from the nearby ocean is the only source of water the plants need, which means the garden is watered even in drought conditions.

A large rectangle pool with palm trees along the side and people standing underneath the overhang

Meanwhile, visitor housing is scattered along a sandbar that’s surrounded by water. The long beach is perfect for water sports of all types. The natural sandbar is left untouched so its form can change with the seasons over time. The design includes a pool that’s surrounded by palm trees. The entire design has an oasis-like feel, a comfortable and beautiful spot in the midst of a hot tropical landscape.

Multiple pools with seating alongside it

Sand is all around but within this space, there are palm trees and blue waters. From above, the design is an incredible burst of green and life in the midst of the natural, stark beauty of the beach. The structures themselves are simple and elegant, designed with flowing lines and gentle curves that evoke the shapes of the surrounding sand dunes.

An aerial view of the landscape beside an ocean

The design itself is a tribute to the beauty of nature, a powerful reminder of what everyone needs to protect in order to enjoy a better tomorrow.

+ Scott Brownrigg

Images via Scott Brownrigg