When humans encounter mobility problems, we have a host of options that range from walkers to prosthetics, but for our four-legged friends things aren’t quite so easy. Such was the case for Blade, a German tortoise with a growth disorder that left his legs so weak that he couldn’t hold himself up. The Daily Mail Reports that thanks to the ingenuity of his vet, Blade can now get around on his very own, custom-built, LEGO wheelchair.

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When Blade’s human companion, Iris Peste, noticed that the tortoise was beginning to struggle to get around, she took him to the vet, Dr. Carsten Plischke. Plischke diagnosed a host of problems including worms and a debilitating growth disorder. So, aware of the need for a custom-fit solution, Plischke grabbed a few of his son’s LEGO blocks and set to work.

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With the wheelchair safely and harmlessly attached, Blade has regained his mobility and is free to scoot around—and his prognosis is good. With treatment and care he can expect a future of wheelchair-free walking.

Via Daily Mail

Images by Action Press/REX