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From the outside, the room is mostly obscured, revealing just a slice of the wonders within. Once viewers pass through the narrow entrance, they reach a expansive-feeling room where a perfectly mirrored floor and ceiling reflects LED-illuminated triangular columns. The effect is one wonder and then release as you enter the space. Despite being relatively small, the room feels large thanks to the mirrors and blue light. At the center of the room is a green pulse sensor that, when worn, causes the lights to grow and fade with the wearer’s pulse.

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The Principals say they wanted to create a soothing space where a visitor could actually guide themselves into a calmer state of being by monitoring the rhythm of their heartbeat in the surrounding lights. The shape of the room was inspired by slot canyons, and the space provides the same sense of compression and expansion as you enter and exit.

The Dynamic Sanctuary was created as a metaphor for the sense of refuge that is behind the design of Ford’s 2015 Edge. If you are in New York City, you can experience the room for yourself at Hudson Mercantile through Monday.

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