If you thought water and lighting are two things that should never meet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this mesmerizing new “Rain Lamp” by designer Richard Clarkson. The nature-inspired Rain Lamp uses a pump system to circulate water through a glass globe, allowing for a slow, steady drip of droplets that are projected by light onto surrounding surfaces. The steady drip of the lamp results in a mesmerizing ripple effect on your floor. Read on to see a short video of this unique light in action.

Rain Lamp from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

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We spotted this awesome take on lighting design at the Wanted Design show last week, and couldn’t stop videotaping it after we picked our jaws up off the floor. The Rain Lamp consists of a glass sphere filled with water, an LED bulb and a closed pump system. The pump draws water up and releases it as tiny droplets, which fall into the pool below to create rings that cast beautiful shadows thanks to the magnifying effect of the globes.

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Richard Clarkson Studio’s amazing Rain #lamps project ripples on your floor! #wanteddesign #lighting #nycxdesign

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here’s our instagram video of the lamp at the Wanted Design show

The whole concept was made possible by the use of LEDs which, unlike incandescent lights, are safe for use around water. Richard Clarkson studio estimates that the Rain Lamp’s LED will last about 100,000 hours, reducing the hassle of having to swap the bulb regularly.

Another cool feature of the lamp is that the timing of the droplets can be pre-programmed to suit your tastes. You can create a soothing sequence of just one droplet every few minutes, or create a dynamic dance of several splashes at the same time.

The Rain Lamp is available in two finishes (brass or white) and two diameters (12″ or 16″).

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