The construction industry is responsible for a massive portion of carbon emissions and waste on the planet. It’s part of the reason tiny houses have become ragingly popular as a type of dwelling that presents a reduced environmental impact. A new micro-home design by UOOU Studio aligns with the same philosophy and adds in versatility and sustainable features to round out the appeal.

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rendering of gabled tiny home with glass end wall

The UOOU Micro-home is a concept meant to serve the needs for an office, temporary housing, guest house, vacation home or relaxation space. It’s prefabricated for minimal site impact and waste while allowing buyers to select features for a custom feel. The design firm explained, “Owners are welcome to choose between different colors, design details and cladding materials becoming in this way part of their home-making.”

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rendering of tiny home with doors opening to small deck
rendering of tiny home interior with raw wood walls, floors and ceilings

The structure is small for easy transport and set up, but additional shades and decks can be added to increase the amount of living space. The design marries indoors and outdoors with a focus on access to nature through two large sliding openings on the sides that provide 30 feet of open access. Inside, the modular elements continue with furniture that folds up when not in use, making the space convertible for use as an office during the day and a sleeping area at night.

rendering of tiny home with one wall open to a deck
rendering of person reading on deck of a tiny home

The home is mostly made from wood, one of the most sustainable products available, and the OSB panels on the interior are left unpainted for a natural look and elimination of chemical additions.

diagram of micro-home with solar roof and raw wood interiors
drawing of tiny home with flexible furniture interiors

The micro-home offers a tight, energy-efficient design. Solar tiles on optimized pitched roofing produce energy for the space. A representative for UOOU Studio told Inhabitat, “Micro-home is a passionately environmental home for everyone — soon available for online ordering. We are in [the] prototyping phase for Micro-home in a couple of different geo locations around the world.”

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