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The proposal was created by Daniel Gillen, Colby Suter, Philipp Ohnesorge, and Gustav Fagerstrom using digital design processes. The team analyzed the topography of the Circle Acres Nature Preserve in Austin’s Montopolis neighborhood, where the winning design will be built. The shape of COMMPOST recalls a mountain range scaled down to child size. The structure will be built using sod pieces for the foothills of the mountain and folding geometric slices of plywood for the peaks. Once the installation is over, the plywood pieces can be chipped and composted, while the bolts used to hold everything together will be retuned to the donor for re-use.

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There will be a free WiFi hotspot on the site, which visitors will be encouraged to use to learn more about composting methods and to share their experience at the site on social media. Infographics explaining composting methods and rewards will be available online and QR codes etched into the plywood structure will give visitors access to composting resources and environmental advocacy groups. The winning designs from the competition, to be announced in mid-August, will be open to the public in November in the Circle Acres Nature Preserve in Austin.

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Images via Daniel Gillen Design