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The cafe is located in Gifu, Japan on a major tourist route. The site prompted the architects to design an unforgettable road stop for design-loving coffee drinkers. The cafe, fittingly named Mirrors, is a single-story building split into two angled wings. Clad with mirrored panels, the facade reflects the beautiful bank of rose-kissed cherry trees bordering the cafe’s entrance. A single Camilla tree sits in the middle of the cafe’s white gravel courtyard, further connecting this charmingly odd structure to its natural environment.

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Although the location may seem a bit out of place for such an eye-catching design, Bandesign founder Hisanori Ban explains the design and business strategy behind the project, “Taking advantage of this location – Mirrors is on a riverside street and cherry blossom trees grew along the street. Mirrors reflects the cherry blossom, creating a forest and inviting visitors in.”

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Photography by Shigetomo Mizuno