What happens to a drone when it crash lands? Besides polluting or damaging a potentially sensitive environment, it could also mean, at least for the military, that people you are spying on will know, well, that you are spying. This clever bio-drone is made from mushrooms, so it simply degrades into an inconspicuous smudge when it makes a crash landing.

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The drone is almost entirely made from biological material, which means that it leaves hardly a trace behind. The body is made out of a fungal material called mycelium, which is coated in a leather-like cellulose to give it some sturdiness. The drone’s circuitry is printed using a biodegradable ink, making it even more difficult to detect.

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The drone has a few parts that aren’t quite so biodegradable, like the battery and rotors, but scientists are currently working on a way to make the drone’s sensors out of E. coli bacteria, which would make the drone basically unidentifiable in a crash. “No one would know if you’d spilled some sugar water or if there’d been an airplane there,” says NASA’s Lynn Rothschild, who created the drone.

Via New Scientist and Gizmodo

Images via CNASA/Ames and Wikimedia