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JVA, Norway, Gullesfjord, Gullesfjord Weigh Station, sortland, northern norway, green roofs, scandinavian designThe site aims to stay as integrated within the local fragile environment and present minimal distractions. With the growing exploration for natural resources within the Arctic region, more truck transportation will run through Gullesfjord and therefore a control station for freight transportation was needed. The project is the first step in the eventual construction of a gas station, cafe and tourist facilities in the coming years as Vesteralen Island and the surrounding areas attract more tourists.

JVA, an Oslo-based group of architects that leads small and large building projects alike, designed the building so innocuously that from some angles up close the station is not readily visible, especially during Gullesfjord’s long winters. Compact at 3300 square feet, the station maximizes the space available to include room for a weigh station and enough room so that three or four employees can work comfortably. Visitors and employees have views of the Moysalen National Park’s alpine landscape.

And it is that landscape to which this functional yet benign truck stop stays true. A green roof softens the visual impact while blending with the local surroundings. Inclined concrete columns are angled to mirror the angles of local mountains while concealing the east-facing glass facade. And the splashes of orange and reds brighten this functional yet stunning weigh station without completely marring the endless vistas of birch forests and Norway’s spectacular Arctic fjords.


Via Arch Daily