The GÜD Plant Box is an introductory product for GÜD LLC, a new company raising funds on Kickstarter. Their indoor gardening kit makes it easier, more desirable and more accessible for people to grow their own food at home. Founded by Colin Casto, GÜD created a way to make larger scale indoor gardening a reality for city dwellers.

Two plant boxes, on the right is a vertical plant box with two layers while on the right is a single layer

Plastic indoor gardening equipment is not sustainable, not to mention expensive if you want more than an herb growing setup. The GÜD Plant Box was born out of several years of research and prototyping to offer an alternative for home-scale indoor gardening. It’s a boxy wood structure with a built-in plant light, so it looks more like furniture or décor than a typical planter.

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A plant box made out of wood to grow your plants

Moreover, the exterior is bamboo, and the hydroponic tank is made of food-grade stainless steel. Packaging for seeds and nutrients is recyclable or compostable plastic. Making the entire process as sustainable as possible was important to Casto. In addition, he fixed any problems customers told him often put them off from continuing a garden.

The GUD Plant Box on the ground beside a sofa with the lights turned on the plants

Specifically, hydroponic growing allows for low maintenance gardening that is also highly efficient for the square footage it takes up in your home. An LED grow light reduces energy consumption, but is designed to create a warm white light for good home aesthetics. The light has a timer, an essential component for indoor grow lights. Set it and forget it. And the GÜD Plant Box is modular, so consumers can start small and add to their garden over time or configure it to fit their home.

An up-close of plants grown in a plant box with an arrow and text that reads "Grow year round!"

“We hope this speaks for itself, but the plant box is also made to look great in any home,” Castro said. “[We] figure the more that people enjoy the look of their indoor garden, the more they’ll use it and encourage their friends to get involved too.” 

A wooden plant box filled with green plants

As a result, the kit contains everything you need to get started and keep an indoor garden going. It also comes along with a guide on how to find sustainable food at markets and grocery stores.

A wooden plant box with microgreens in it

GÜD plans to add several new products to the line after the Plant Box. They are also pursuing B-Corp Certification and worker ownership to make the way the company is run as sustainable as possible.


Images via GÜD