When autonomous vehicles arrive in the next few years, they’ll make it easier to get to your daily destinations. Designers have come up with concepts that will take you almost anywhere, but there’s one destination that has been left off the list – your final resting place. Charles Bombardier is filling that gap with what could be the first self-driving vehicle to replace the hearse. It’s called the Korbiyor, and it’s powered by fuel cell technology.

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The Korbiyor gets its name from corbillard, the French word for hearse. The concept consists of a transparent and refrigerated coffin, Mecanum wheels that can move in any direction and a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. Since the Korbiyor only has room for the dearly departed, it can be programmed to follow people walking in front of it during a funeral procession or its destination can be pre-programmed. It also features a multimedia projector and sound system to play images and music during the procession.

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While it will likely be years before a fully electric hearse like the Korbiyor is produced, it does give us a look at how driverless technology, fuel cell powertrains and simple robotics could give us a new way to celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

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Via: The Globe and Mail

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