Tucked into the foothills of California’s beloved Laurel Canyon, the Laurel Hills Residence by Assembledge+ is an exquisite example of modern, sustainable home design. Comprised of three cedar-clad volumes with massive glass panels, the house features interconnecting pavilions that are topped with a broad overhangs to shield the interior spaces from extensive sun exposure.

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walkway leading through home on one side and courtyard on the other

Lined in warm Western Red Cedar cladding, the family home consists of three pavilions connected by a series of glass hallways. The entrance to the one-story home is the first sign that the project is intended to foster a strong connection to the outdoors. Made out of concrete pavers and lined with wild grasses, the walkway weaves through an open-air courtyard with olive trees.

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home with several box-like volumes

modern living room with blue chairs

The Laurel Hills Residence’s three boxy volumes are clad in a warm blend of cedar panels topped with an oversized, charcoal-colored board. In addition to creating an attractive contrast with the wooden cladding, the black overhangs also offer protection from harsh sun exposure. By preventing solar heat gain, the family can rely less, if at all, on air conditioning to keep the home cool. As a third element, glass is found nearly everywhere in the design, melding the indoors and outdoors.

dark sofa and blue chairs near a glass wall open to a backyard

dining room with wood table and yellow chairs in a room with glass walls

The glass entrance leads to the main living room on the western side or the private sleeping areas to the east. Many of these glass walls open completely to the backyard, which comes complete with a swimming pool. The multiple windows, skylights and sliding glass doors also allow the interior spaces to enjoy ample natural light and air ventilation, further reducing the home’s reliance on artificial energy.

black leather chair and foot rest near a bookshelf

minimalist bedroom with large white bed

The interior design is centered on bringing a sense of serenity while maintaining focus on the nature surrounding the Laurel Hills Residence. Modern, minimalist furnishings and art fill the rooms, enhancing the white walls and wooden flooring that run throughout the home.

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Photography by Matthew Millman via Assembledge+

swimming pool and deck in front of one-story home