Built by Realrich Architecture Workshop, the Piyandeling Artisan Residence and Workshop is every artist’s dream for a live-in studio. Located in Mekarwangi Village in North Bandung, the generously sized residence is comprised of a three-story house with a primary suite, two bedrooms and shared bathrooms.

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A long bamboo home

What makes this building special is the openable envelope made of recycled 300 by 600 millimeters recycled plastic panels that protect an inner bamboo structure. The outer envelope creates a service corridor around the building, which has natural ventilation and double wall insulation on the core living space inside. This means that windows open into the corridor and everything inside can remain unfinished and raw.

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An interior doorway and walls made all out of bamboo

Additionally, the building technique combines traditional joinery and glue, a technique elaborated from the designers’ Guha Bambu and Alfa Omega Project. They experimented with a three-story structure of bamboo using diagonal floor plate structures. Local stone was used for the foundation, and from there it’s bamboo all the way up. The material was used for ceilings and floors, support columns, door handles and even locks and décor details carved into the walls.

A hallway under a roof all made out of bamboo

The idea was to create a home with bamboo protected by waterproof membrane, while using raw unfinished materials inside. The result is a modular, beautiful space with undulating roofline. The designers say the idea was “creating finishes that are raw, basic, humble and honest in the expression and forming such economic sensitivity.”  

A circular structure with a forest in its background

It sounds so simple, but you can see from the photos that bamboo has been used to build a home and studio into an art piece in itself. The result is nothing short of lovely and inspiring.

+ Realrich Architecture Workshop

Photography by Eric Dinardi