Like many homes, this one is built of wood. In this case, timber and solid cork. It has a lot of windows to let in light and a stunning modern design. But this home is floating on the water. You may have seen sustainable homes before. They didn’t look quite like this one, though.

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A floating long rectangle home on a river

The unique design was created by Studio RAP. The firm was tasked with creating a sustainable, floating home on the canals in the historic Leiden, Netherlands. It was a pretty tall order. This Rotterdam home called The Float is sustainable and it is, indeed, floating. The interior has exposed timbers that are light and brightened by sunlight. The exterior is made with dark cork that matches the existing historical atmosphere of the city. And the overall impression is pretty stunning.

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A long and low home lit from within

Studio RAP came up with a modular design made up of a series of atmospheres, each one designed for a function of living. These different atmospheres were joined together in a singular appearance, with each module being rotated and extra panels placed in between. This created the unique folding appearance of the floating home.

An interior living room with timber cladding

Additionally, wood was used throughout the design. Cross-laminated timber was used to give the design strength. Low-density cork insulation was used, with high-density cork forming the outer layer. The two are joined with a cork mortar layer. The cork is plant-based.

The result speaks for itself. The beautiful home rests on the canal surrounded by historic buildings and lush greenery. Inside, the gorgeous wood provides space for shelves built into the walls, window seats and lots of hanging plants. Inside and out, this home honors the natural world.

An aerial view of a row of buildings floating on a river

The Float was made with a low carbon footprint, and it doesn’t take up any land space at all. It’s a truly unique and inspiring design that shows anything is possible with enough imagination.

+ Studio RAP

Photography by Riccardo De Vecchi and Studio RAP