Once a common sight throughout Britain, hedgehogs are now disappearing at a startling rate. These iconic animals numbered close to 30 million back in the 1950s, and now, their numbers are estimated to hover somewhere around 1 million. Their numbers have dropped so dramatically thanks to suburban sprawl and human negligence, so Wildlife Aid UK, a non-profit organization, produced this animation in the hope of educating people about how they can help instead of harm. Help can come in a number of different ways, from crushing and recycling cans so the hedgehogs don’t get stuck inside, to avoiding pesticides and slug pellets in the garden, providing holes beneath chain-link fences, keeping covers on swimming pools (and providing escape options in ponds), and checking around the garden before mowing to avoid injuring or killing the little ones. Folks in the UK are encouraged to make their gardens as wildlife-friendly as possible to help prevent this adorable endangered species from disappearing.

+ Wildlife Aid UK

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