Meet Honey the dog and Kwanza the white lion cub: a pair of best friends at the Darling Downs Zooin Queensland, Australia. Kwanza’s mum wasn’t producing enough milk for him, so the lovely caregivers at the zoo took him in and have been taking care of him. He’s become best friends with a little dog named Honey, and the two of them romp around the zoo all day, playing together and grooming one another. Kwanza is Queensland’s first white lion, and once he grows uphe’ll be introduced to “regular-colored” lionesses so he can become head of pride and build a family of his own.

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Friendships like these show that love and companionship transcend any barriers, and animals of vastly different speciescan become the closest of companions. We can all learn from this adorable duo, and many other trans-species friendships, and hopefully befriend others who might be a little bit different from ourselves… be they of a different ethnic background, a different age group, or a different species entirely.

+ Darling Downs Zoo