World Car-Free Day – a day when people organize their own events to explore alternative transportation – is coming up this Thursday, September 22nd. The event is loosely run by the World Carfree Network (WCN), but individual events are being planned by people all over the world and submitted via wiki to the WCN website. Participating events include everything from group cycling to work to people standing in the streets to protest the lack of non-car transportation options in their cities. But what if you live in an area where non-automotive transport is impractical?

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You still have options. World Car-Free Day focuses on giving the climate a break by taking cars off the road 365 days a year, not just September 22, so if commuting by car is the only viable option for you, consider sampling an electric car from a car sharing program such as Hertz on Demand for the day to see if car sharing (in lieu of car ownership) would be a more eco-freindly automotive option that works for you. It’s still a car, but it spreads the expense and the environmental impact of that car over multiple people who share it, which could be one solution to the current expense of electric cars. World Car-Free Day offers a way to help change the fact that our global infrastructure is largely built to serve automotive vehicles, so if you do have public transportation or can pedal your way through the day, we encourage you to set up your own event and submit it to the WCN wiki.

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