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Every year, Studio H teaches high school and middle school students from Berkeley’s REALM Charter School how to design and build public architecture projects. Since this year’s theme centered on housing, the Studio H class designed and built two identical 112-square-foot tiny “homes”—each approximately 7 by 16 feet—atop trailers. One structure was donated to the social service-minded Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon, where it will be used to provide transitional housing to the homeless. The second abode is up for auction on eBay, with a starting price of USD $10,000.

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While the tiny portable dwelling isn’t what would be considered livable for most individuals—the mobile building lacks a bathroom, kitchen, and plumbing—it could serve as an excellent retreat or writer’s hut. Built with stud-framed construction, the well-crafted structure is partially clad in reclaimed and stained palette wood siding, while gray Delta Rib 3 metal panels top the roof and an exterior wall. Clerestory windows and other glazed openings bring natural light into the small space.

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The all-white open-plan interior is kept minimalist but customizable, featuring a lofted bed with storage space and a small cabinet. The home will also include four 250 W solar panels (battery sold separately), an electrical inverter, as well as installed electrical switches and boxes. The home is on sale for a starting bid price of USD $10,000 and has a ‘But It Now’ price of USD $20,000. The trailer has been permanently registered in California and includes the state license plates. The home can only be delivered to U.S. addresses.

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