Innovative solutions are essential for removing petroleum-based plastics from our daily life. Bevi, a bubbly, bottleless water dispenser for offices and commercial spaces, is dedicated to offering a variety of drink options, sans the plastic bottle. 

Bevi standing water dispenser machine

Bevi currently has two models of water dispensers. The Standup 2.0 is a floor model much like the size and shape of a traditional water cooler. However, Bevi goes sustainable by tapping into the existing water supply. Then it adds technology with WiFi driven smart features. Users can choose from bubbly or plain water, add caffeine or electrolytes and create flavor combinations with each serving. The Bevi Standup 2.0 also dispenses ambient or hot water. The screen displays nutritional information such as the amount of sugar, caffeine and calories in your selection. The countertop model offers a streamlined selection of the same options, but takes up less space. 

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Bevi table-sized water dispenser

Bevi beverages are flavored naturally with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. Instead, it relies on fruit extracts. All flavors are vegan, kosher certified without sodium, gluten and GMOs

A countertop-sized water dispenser

The company reported each machine replaces 30,000 beverage bottles and cans. Companies around the country are seeing the potential for cost savings as well as convenience in not having to purchase and restock individual cans. Bevi works with notably large employers such as Lyft, Microsoft and Netflix to shift away from plastic waste

A woman putting a cup against the water dispenser

Bevi also hopes to educate and support businesses who are re-evaluating their carbon footprints. They want to make it easy for these companies to prioritize sustainable decisions.

Bevi water dispenser with a hand holding a glass cup of water

Along with providing high quality filtered, sparkling and naturally-flavored water Bevi is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic forever. In its own office, Bevi employees take the environmentally-conscious walk from office composting to community clean up projects and donation drives.

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