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Thomas Allen, American artist, pop-up books, vintage classics, pulp-fiction, Gibson Gallery, Foley Gallery, paper cutting, mini-dioramas, Art, recycled books

Thomas Allen takes classic books front the 40s and 50s and gives them a new life by turning their tired covers into sculptures. Haunted Lady, I Married a Dead Man, Don’t Crowd Me and Timbal Gulch Trail are some of the old classics that have been re-appropriated by Allen and now shine under a new light.

By creating these mini dioramas, Allen allows the characters to interact with each other, whether they belong to the same book or not. An original way to give obsolete vintage classics a new exciting life, Allen’s work offers a welcome break from computer screens and kindles. The artist do not sell his work directly, although it is available from New York’s Foley Gallery and Seattle’s G. Gibson Gallery.

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Via Scissors and Paper Rock