LEED Gold, United States Courthouse Salk Lake, Salt Lake City, Thomas Phifer and Partners, AIA Awards, green architecture, smart facade, solar design, solar facade, responsive facade, natural lighting, art installationLocated next to the existing turn-of-the-century Frank E. Moss Courthouse, the new building features louvers that respond to solar orientation and a 10-story sky-lit atrium that extends its full height.The two buildings are joined by an elevated landscaped garden to create a balanced whole. Vertical aluminum sunscreens and a simple anodized aluminum skin give the new building a subtle monolithic appearance and let in lots of natural light. The sunscreens also act as a variable protective veil that reacts to the position of the sun depending on the time of day.

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The 400,000 square-foot building contains 10 courtrooms, 14 judges’ chamber suites, administrative court clerk offices, the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Probation, along with other administrative functions. These are all bathed in natural light thanks to the building’s facade design and the sky-lit atrium that extends its height. A large art installation, created by American artist James Carpenter dominates this central space.

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