What do you get when you cross an architect, a furniture company, and a love of cycling? The result is a sleek, refined fixed-gear road bicycle that blends Thonet’s classic bentwood curves with London-based architect Andy Martin’s design prowess. The frame is composed of beech wood that has been steamed and bent, using the same processes developed back in the 1930’s to make Thonet’s chairs. Combining complex engineering with a modern, simple aesthetic, the Thonet Bike will be available in a limited edition run priced at £43,000 a piece.

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Drawing upon Thonet’s history of quality, bentwood furniture, Andy Martin has developed a beautiful, sweeping bike frame made from steamed beech wood. The contours of the body were cut and adjusted using a CNC machine and reinforced with a collection of connectors and spring rods created by the designer. “The challenge was to take on the fairly low tech process of steam bending and then apply it to a 21st century bicycle with highly complex engineering”, says Martin. The seat is also composed of beech wood, and it’s mounted with spring rod supports. Carbon fiber HED H3 wheels keep the entire cycle lightweight and aerodynamic. The Thonet Bike lacks brakes, and it is available with several interchangeable gear ratios.

The Thonet Bike starts at £43,000 and it can be purchased through Andy Martin’s studio site.

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