Respecting Michelle Thonet’s original idea of furniture that could easily be disassembled for optimizing space during transportation, Dutch studio Nuy of NOORT created this angular chair made from recycled honeycomb cardboard. Specially designed for Thonet label EXP, the ‘VouwWow VWo1’ chair was introduced to the market in 2010 and is sells for less than €100. Light, affordable and recycled, this sustainable seat packs flat to ship and can be set up in a snap without any tools, glue or screws.

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‘VouwWow VW01’ is made from a single piece of recyclable honeycomb cardboard and is produced with minimal waste. The design comes in response to the contemporary notion of sustainable materials, efficient transport and easy storage. This foldable chair was awarded the 2009 Thonet Mart Stam Prize for an innovative seat design that adapts to current times without losing the brand’s original concept.

+ Thonet label EXP

Photo © Thonet