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RES4’s Loft-Within-a-Loft is essentially a single, over-sized piece of millwork that divides up a large main room into three separate spaces: a new bedroom, a play space beneath it, and the existing living room. The main challenge was to create a stairway to the tiny, 250-sq-ft sleeping nook within the confines of the project’s small footprint. The solution they came up with was a winding tread stair with a “ghosted, zig-zagging line tracing behind a glowing, translucent wall that separates the loft and playroom from a living/dining/working space.”

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The new bedroom and playroom are self-contained spaces of their own, and are closed off enough to create a sense of privacy without feeling claustrophobic. Horizontal windows allow light to spill into the smaller rooms, which are finished off in warm Jatoba wood. A built-in dresser and desk in the loft and full-height custom cabinets in the playroom also add functional storage to each space.

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